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Stay Safe, Save Money!

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, many of us retreated into our homes for an extended period of time. With less inclination to allow strangers in to repair small household issues and more time to research how to fix things, many of us discovered we could, in fact, effectively take care of a number of common household repairs ourselves.

For those of us intent on keeping our households safe while saving money (and isn’t that all of us?), here are some common home repairs to familiarize ourselves with.

The key is to have some basic tools on hand.

Fix a drip. Sometimes a dripping faucet can be remedied by simply replacing its rubber washers; other times it’s a bigger problem that requires the services of a professional plumber. If attempting a DIY washer replacement, the key is to have some basic tools on hand, including a crescent wrench, flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, adjustable pliers, needle-nose pliers and replacement rubber tap washers.

Replace a toilet flapper. Is your toilet continually running? It’s likely a faulty flapper, which is the small piece of rubber that stops the water from the toilet tank from continuing to run into the bowl after it fills up. Simply turn off the water supply behind the toilet, flush the toilet to drain the tank, then remove the lid from the tank. Replace the old flapper with a new one, allowing the new flapper’s chain enough slack so the flapper can fully close.

Patch and paint. The first step to a beautiful, painted wall is to fill in any holes and cracks first. For this you’ll need spackling compound, a taping knife and some sanding paper. Scrape away any loose paint from the hole or crack, smooth the spackling paste over it and leave to dry. Once dry, smooth the area with sandpaper before painting.

Of course, try as you might to keep unnecessary visitors out of your home during Covid outbreaks and flu season, there will be times you’ll absolutely require the services of a professional. Wear a mask, have disinfecting wipes readily available and take notes for your next DIY project!


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