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Secrets to Selling Success

What's the difference between a home that lingers on the market for months, and one that gets snapped up immediately? Sometimes it’s the smaller factors that can either sway a buyer towards an offer or send them running in the other direction.

Curb appeal.

There’s no disputing the importance of first impressions, especially in this age of social distancing when potential buyers may make up their mind whether it’s worth the risk of stepping into your home simply based on a drive-by. Maintaining a tidy and well-maintained exterior, showcasing some pretty flowers, and painting or at least retouching the paint on your front door are small things that can help open the door to a potential home buyer.

Clear appeal.

A clean house is crucial. But first, it must be decluttered, especially to create the maximum visual appeal on a virtual “showing”. Decluttering your home includes removing all personal effects, doing a clean sweep of counters, tables, shelves and windowsills, and removing at least half of the contents of your closets and cupboards to demonstrate the amount of space and storage youhave. Consult with a home stager for recommendations and assistance in removing and/or rearranging your furniture to maximize your floor space and showcase the most appealing areas of your home.

The smell of success.

You’ve probably heard that the scent of freshly baked cookies during an open house adds appeal for potential buyers, but with open houses now replaced by virtual viewings, the category of “smell” is likely the last home preparation factor on your list. However, when a potential buyer does come for an in-person visit, be prepared with a clean household void of not only overwhelming air fresheners, but also of cooking smells, pet odour and even strong household cleansers.


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