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The Price of Paint

Your Listing Salesperson has no doubt explained the importance of painting your home before it goes on the market, in order to freshen it up and boost its sales appeal. But did you know the actual color of paint you choose can not only increase (or decrease) interest in your home, but can also influence the price you sell your home for?

A Zillow study of more than 135,000 photos of sold properties from January 2010 to May 2018 was analyzed to help identify which paint colors helped to sell homes. Results came in as follows:

 Living room. Go neutral in this room by choosing a warm tan with pinkish undertones. That shade was credited for a 1.3 percent bump in home price.

 Bathroom. Rolling on the bathroom blues, especially in a light blue or a periwinkle blue shade of paint, can also boost your sales price by 1.3 percent.

 Kitchen. Red alert! Back away from brick-red or barn red paint on your kitchen walls — the study showed an average $2,310 drop in the selling price of homes with red-hot kitchen walls. Instead, consider painting your upper and lower cabinets different colors. This style, referred to as “tuxedo cabinets,” is effective in combinations including dark gray, navy blue or black. Choosing one of those colors for the bottom of your kitchen cabinets while painting the top cabinets white, for example, can increase the sales price of your home by an average $1,547.

Some paint companies now offer digital tools to help you upload your photos and visualize the look of your home with different paint shades. However, when in doubt, a good fallback position for universal sales appeal is to choose light, neutral shades of paint that won’t distract from the overall design of your home.


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